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Who We Are

Code Violations Leads is a software company that aims to enhance the productivity of real estate agents and investors through the provision of superior homeowner distress lead data and effective communication tools, while ensuring the highest level of quality within the sector. Our platform facilitates the empowerment of agents and investors by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to identify off-market properties, effectively list houses, and establish enduring partnerships, hence fostering long-term success within the real estate business.

Increasing Investor Production

With the following goal in mind when Code Violations Leads was founded in 2015: "How do we provide real estate investors a different off market leads solution with a low cost approach?" The founders of Code Violations Leads eventually cracked the code after months of figuring out every technique to make it possible for us to get code enforcement leads. Since then, regardless of market situations, we have emerged as the industry leader in assisting real estate professionals to boost productivity and create sustainable growth. Code Violations Leads is still dedicated to assisting "businesses implement systems and processes that drive growth and stability by increasing client acquisition at a low cost," and it does so by providing ever-expanding access to multi-state lead databases, social media tools, and communication channels.


It all began with a basic concept that developed into a new way of thinking, a more effective method for developing real estate enterprises, and a dependable system that provides investors with access to the most lucrative techniques available in the market. Even now, we make it possible for real estate investors to locate new customers, get in touch with them, get contracts, list houses, and develop lasting relationships in order to succeed in the long run.

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Our Purpose and Mission: Your Success

Our mission is to assist real estate professionals in creating and expanding sustainable companies in line with the objectives of our clients. Offering agents the best prospecting platform is our mission, or the means by which we will fulfill our purpose. Every action we do is meant to get our clients one step closer to realizing their greatest aspirations and goals. It takes more than simply having a wide range of seller leads with precise contact details to assist agents in building profitable businesses with the best prospecting platform.


It entails offering a variety of communication and social media channels to connect with those leads. It entails offering real-time customer support to get rid of roadblocks that prevent our clients from succeeding. It entails developing revolutionary instruction and training programs that help agents of all expertise levels expand their enterprises. It entails getting to know our clients' current situation, desired destination, and means of transportation.


Proceed With Integrity


Be truthful and open in your communication. We should not only express what we intend but also mean what we say.



To be a successful real estate entrepreneur, knowing the market is key to growing in any economy. This value is shared with our customers and internal team through our free learning materials. Regardless of your real estate strategy and objectives, we want to ensure you know which steps you need to take in order to incorporate PropStream into your business.



We're all human. Our failures and mistakes shape our success and allow us to grow into something greater. Having a team that respects and supports each other through success and learning makes this possible. Respect in our relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well-being, which is crucial for the remote-working culture of our organization.

The Team

Remote and hybrid working is at the heart of what we do, so we understand that to work as a team, you need to be able to play as a team as well. This is why we bring our team together regularly with themed Zoom meetings, virtual brunches, bowling nights, and more!

Additionally, we send interested team members to networking events and conferences, as we want to offer the opportunity for growth, learning new skills, and bonding with other team members. We take great pride in providing our team the opportunity to get out and speak face-to-face with other professionals in the industry while spreading the word about Code Violations Leads. 

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