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Tired Landlord

Use Our Tired Landlord Leads or use them to filter homeowners you want to avoid if you don’t work with properties.




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Contact Tired Landlords

A tired landlord is someone who owns rental properties but no longer wants to be a landlord due to exhaustion or worry. There are various reasons why someone may desire to move out of their rental home.


They can't keep up with all of their rental homes.
The property owner is losing money on their property.

  • The landlord is retiring from the business.

  • There are just too many legal issues around lousy tenants.

  • The owner is reducing their rental property portfolio.

In almost every scenario, the landlord is dealing with a rental property that is creating too much emotional or financial hardship. The owner is eager to leave and pursue new opportunities.

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Boost Your Prospecting for Real Estate with Extremely Accurate Data

Give up wasting time and cash on erroneous or out-of-date prospect data. You have a clear advantage in a cutthroat industry because to your access to extremely accurate and current information about your prospects.

Detailed Property Information

Superior Property Data

  • In addition to all the standard data that we provide with our probate records, you will receive property data such as the purchase amount, purchase date, assessed value, market value, and square footage.

  • Also next to kin information 


Prospect. List. Repeat. Distressed Leads

First, Our Systems  Finds All The Distressed  Leads In Your County

Our systems do the dirty work of searching county court and tax records, finding hard-to-get contact information, and putting it all in one place while making it clear which leads are on the DNC list.

Then, You Recieve The Leads

Prospecting Code Violations Leads is less competitive than Expireds or FSBOs, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less lucrative. As a real estate investor, you can be their watchdog, have their back, and teach them how you can help them avoid the inevitable.

Help Distressed Homeowners

More than any other selling situation, working homes in Code Violations gives you the chance to advocate for and guide distressed homeowners through a confusing and difficult transition.

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What are you waiting for?

See why we are the fastest-growing data company to date!

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