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Most Exclusive Lead Source Provider of Real Estate Leads

 Code Violations Leads® The most reputable source of thorough real estate data in the country. We provide real estate business owners with the information, resources, and marketing solutions they need to stay competitive and make wise decisions.

Identify Your Target Market

Find out who needs an agent among the homeowners who are ready to close a deal.

Code Leads

Want to improve your real estate business in 2024? Look no further! With Code Violations Leads, you can get unbeatable code violation house leads, our skipped trace code enforcement leads provide you the inside scoop on prime properties.


Instead of manually searching for leads, start your year with new, high-quality leads that will boost your real estate success. Top the competition and make 2024 your best year in real estate!


Pre Forclosure

With Code Violations Leads, you can be one step ahead of the competition and gain exclusive access to pre-foreclosed properties.


Our advanced skipped trace technology ensures that you get accurate and up-to-date information on these homes, giving you a head start in securing great deals. Don't wait for others to snatch up the best properties - get ahead with Code Violations Leads today!

Vacant Land/Homes

Our powerful database provides you with a comprehensive list of vacant residential properties and land that have been deemed uninhabited by the United States Postal Service (USPS).


Discover a treasure trove of opportunities for real estate investors, developers, and entrepreneurs looking to revitalize neighborhoods and maximize their ROI. Don't let these overlooked properties go to waste - seize the advantage with Code Violations Leads today!

Distressed Homes

Our innovative solution provides you with a goldmine of distressed home leads, stacked with problem properties just waiting to be transformed into profitable investments. These distressed properties are sold below market value, allowing you to make a lucrative return on your investment.


Don't miss out on this game-changing tool that will help you dominate the real estate market and achieve financial freedom. Start stacking your portfolio today with Code Violations Leads!

Tired Landlord

A tired landlord is, quite simply, a person who's grown tired of being a landlord. While owning a rental property can be an excellent source of passive income, it also comes with many challenges

Get access to this powerful list today, our process stacks the most distress homeowners with you so that you can reach out and make a deal with these homeowners!


Get Probate Leads! Unlock the potential of real estate inheritance with our comprehensive database of probate properties.


Gain access to exclusive leads and uncover properties that are ready to be sold at a fraction of the market value. Don't miss out on this lucrative investment opportunity - start profiting from probate real estate today!

Proven formula for business expansion success:

Identify Your Target Market:

Locate property owners facing code violations and in urgent need of solutions. Gather contact information for leads primed for your services.

Capture Their Interest:

Highlight your expertise and services in helping homeowners who are in similar distress positions as well. Be the authority! 

Engage and Secure:

Foster genuine connections with property owners, offering them tailored solutions that turn one-time transactions into long-term partnerships.

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