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Motivated Sellers

Increase your clientele with Motivated Seller Leads

Real estate agent, broker, or investor? Code Violations Leads provides motivated seller leads to enhance your business

Access Motivated Seller Lead Lists with Code Violations Leads

 Code Violations Leads helps real estate agents uncover more listings with years of database marketing knowledge. Based on your preferences, we find the finest local leads. Avoid sorting through many dead leads. We find motivated sellers who want to sell.

Start immediately by calling360-347-6280 or arrange a free strategy session with a data professional to assist you through the process.


Motivated sellers rush

Owners that want to sell quickly are motivated sellers. They commonly sell their property for 10–30% below market value. On favorable conditions, they'll lock in the property sale. No down payment or 0% interest.

Fast service from a motivated vendor is a major benefit. With a motivated seller, you may close swiftly and take care of the property.

There are several motivated sellers. This includes:

  • Non-owned landlords

  • Distressed sellers

  • Owners absent

  • Sellers probate and inherited

  • Code Enforcment

You'll find local sellers willing to sell on our motivated seller lead listings. Personalized lists are available in one business day.

Allow Code Violations Leads to do the heavy lifting.

Investors, brokers, and real estate agents hustle to connect with clients and manage daily responsibilities. No time to find motivated seller leads during the day.

Code Violations Leads handles everything. We curate motivated seller lead lists so you can find anything. You may pursue leads, network, and sign contracts. You should work swiftly like motivated sellers.

Our data sources

  • Lists of phones

  • County court files  

  • The credit bureaus 

  • Government departments

  • Delivery services

  • Registration of voters

  • Links to opt-in resources


Motivated sellers' names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails are in our database. You can easily get motivated seller leads in your region with us. We recommend starting outreach with 3,000 contacts.

Target-motivated seller leads for new clients

Marketing professionals at Code Violations Leads can help you create tailored motivated seller lead lists, freeing you time for your specialty. Source connections with others. Grow your business with Code Violations Leads

  • What is the Code List?
    Like the police, it is a city or county department. They make sure that property owners follow the property maintenance code, which is a minimum set of rules that they need to follow to keep their property from becoming a problem for the neighborhood. They go on patrol and look into complaints from worried locals to find places that are causing trouble. These enforcement officers, like you, when you drive for dollars are in search of distressed homes.
  • What if I don't see my city?
    Send us a request and we will add those cities to the list for you.
  • How accurate are the leads?
    Each quarter, we update. This is also true for the majority of other typical list data sources that investors prospect off of, such as pre-foreclosure, tax delinquency, probate, divorce, etc. Most clients arrive with the premise that you want the freshest data and nothing less. The only data science comparison of property sales records with code enforcement records has been carried out by us and published publicly. Although these studies take time and don't produce income, in all the places where we've conducted them, we have never noticed a boost in sales in the first few months after a new case is filed. Up until two to three years after the case is filed, the properties actually sell at a pretty steady rate until the rate starts to decline.
  • Do you have other lead type?
    In addition to our expansive data, we offer over 50 convenient search filters to help you find the exact type of homeowner you’re searching for. Some of our most popular datasets for investors are: 👉🏼 Divorce 👉🏼 Vacant 👉🏼 Pre- Probate 👉🏼 Pre-Foreclosure 👉🏼 Tired Landlord 👉🏼 Probate
  • When Will My Leads Arrive
    Once your order is filled, allow us 24 hours or less to deliver your leads to your email. Please also check your spam folder.
  • Are The Leads Skipped Trace?
    Yes all the leads you recidive are Skipped Trace here is a breakdown. Automated processing - lists returned in real-time! • In-line LLC, trust and entity batch skip trace: Get hits on virtually every property • Only charged for hits - you pay only if we return data back to you • HIGH hit rates - Averaging 97%+ across millions of records every month • Automated file de-duplication + Suppress against existing data: - Never purchase the same phone number twice • Free litigator scrub on every search - check each phone number for litigious prospects • Search by property address only - free append of owner name and mailing address • 25 record minimum for batch search - lowest in the industry • Single search Skip Trace also available Data Returned: Up to 2 phone numbers for primary search Email (if available) Property owner validated USPS deliverable mailing address Property owner IP address Vacant property flag Bankruptcy flag and date Deceased flag and date Foreclosure flag and date Liens flag and date Judgments flag and date Litigator flag

Frequently Asked Questions

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Over 13 Million Motivated

Seller Lead properties


ALL records include owner phone number


75% of records include owner email




Skip Trace Included
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1000 LEADS
Skip Trace Leads
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3000 LEADS
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Everything Else Included
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Boost Your Prospecting for Real Estate with Extremely Accurate Data

Give up wasting time and cash on erroneous or out-of-date prospect data. You have a clear advantage in a cutthroat industry because to your access to extremely accurate and current information about your prospects.

Prospect. List. Repeat. Distressed Leads

First, Our Systems  Finds All The Distressed  Leads In Your County

Our systems do the dirty work of searching county court and tax records, finding hard-to-get contact information, and putting it all in one place while making it clear which leads are on the DNC list.

Then, You Recieve The Leads

Prospecting Code Violations Leads is less competitive than Expireds or FSBOs, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less lucrative. As a real estate investor, you can be their watchdog, have their back, and teach them how you can help them avoid the inevitable.

Help Distressed Homeowners

More than any other selling situation, working homes in Code Violations gives you the chance to advocate for and guide distressed homeowners through a confusing and difficult transition.

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What are you waiting for?

See why we are the fastest-growing data company to date!

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